A life changing experience!

Come; join me on my journey through life filled with freedom, creative love, mysterious adventures, exciting world travels.

An exuberant journey filled with success and happiness.

An abundance of riches well beyond your imagination are awaiting you to enjoy.

A gratefulness of life seldom experienced by others-all for you to appreciate and embrace.

Simply join me and experience a well balanced life that is filled with riches beyond your imagination-a life filled with love, prosperity and, happiness.

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The Mighty River

It’s been quite a while now since I began my journey in life towards my destiny. Intuitively at birth, it started with a cry of relief where I was no longer in darkness-escaping from the protective womb-free now to be whomever I choose. My heart felt as if I were a free spirit-I was now able to choose the life that I preferred and desired without restraints. I am now free to navigate towards my destiny with a child like unencumbered exuberance.

Why not? I was given no instructions while in the womb. Nor had I received a manual or script to guide me on my journey. May I not choose for myself my path to destiny?

I am born without restrictions, free from capture to be as I choose to be in life while I may in some way benefit mankind. My choices in life will guide me towards my destiny; no one else can do that for me. I have the power of choice to experience my current’s flow and to explore the various paths of adventure along the way towards my destiny. I choose to experience and navigate the curves and challenges in life as they present themselves without restrictions.

 I am experiencing a shared existence with that of the mighty river.

A river has its origin and is continuously flowing towards its destiny. Dam the river and it will find another path to its destiny. It will not be stopped or deterred but, rather it will always and deliberately flow to its destiny. Nothing will prevent a river from accomplishing its goal-reaching its destiny!

The river is forever inviting! Share with it the pleasures and beauty of its current flow. Navigate its waters-it asks for nothing in return. Experience and enjoy what the river has to offer mankind-one need not give or pledge something in return-the river asks only that you enjoy what it has to offer you!

By inviting one to join me on my journey and to navigate the current of my river’s flow, together we shall share in the many adventures along the way towards destiny. A life filled with excitement and adventures far beyond our imagination. A life filled with an abundance of prosperity and goodness. And, to experience the excitement of chance encounters as we fill our lives with adventures and opportunities yet encountered. These we shall share if we are free of negative and entrapping principles and ideals of meaningful others. These we shall share if we ask for nothing in return!

For the young, handlers sometimes choose a path of restraint, possessiveness and, control-all of which they claim to be in your best interest! Humph!

Could it be perhaps that the choice of others is a manifestation of their fears or perhaps their unwillingness to indulge or participate in another’s creativity-faulting to apathy-wanting to stay in their safe zone, a perceived safe place for themselves? How real is that?

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