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Who Sleeps In Your Skin

This book is about the child within who refused to allow the beliefs of others to run his life.

It’s about being stubborn, steadfast in one’s convictions while focusing on the positives-about establishing desired objectives, and finding the way to reach those objectives while removing any and all obstacles in one’s way. It’s about living and enjoying each day to the limits, knowing yourself, understanding yourself, liking and disliking yourself.

To paraphrase:

  • Judge not another unless one can walk a mile in their shoes-live a day of their life!
  • We see life through our own eyes, no one else.
  • You do not, nor could you, ever imagine what another life is like.

Therefore, how is it that one would want to tell you how to live your life?

I believe, the more we grow and learn freeing ourselves of the past, understanding our past experiences, the more humble and kind we become.

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • The relationship that had promise for you filled with exuberance and passion that was just meant to be but-you failed to commit.
  • That job that was PERFECT for you yet-unobtainable.
  • Your choice of personal transportation that met with a disastrous demise.
  • That new home that was right for your new life style yet-just beyond your grasp.
  • The venture into new horizons with the mystery of life and adventure-you just could not accept the challenge.
  • That new business that you desired and had the funding and expertise for yet-you could not take the chance.

Our decisions I feel are muddied by past interpretations of events and dialog.

What is the Sound of Courage?

Life’s eleven survival power tools

It is time to challenge those ideas and accept ideas that reflect our thoughts about ourselves, who we are today, creating a new reality for ourselves that accurately reflects who we now are and what our future ought to be.

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