Who Sleeps in Your Skin?

Have you ever considered that perhaps you are not yourself? You are not whom you think you are?

By this I mean, have you ever considered all the messages you’ve received while you were growing up that you simply couldn’t understand? Subliminal messages that you could not realize? How about all the messages you’ve received from your parents, teachers, athletic coaches, your preacher or Priest, conscious and un-conscious or, subliminal messages that have negatively impacted your behavior, today?

And, subliminal messages continue today because you are not aware of them nor do you know how to turn them off or reject them. You continue to receive new messages that reinforce those messages from long ago that plague your consciousness today.

You behave in a certain manner and struggle to know why! Conflicts abound as you struggle to understand your own behavior and, confusion sets in.

Consider, all the people in your life who have given you demands to perform in a certain way or, to behave in a certain manner. These behaviors are contrast to what you would like for yourself. Perhaps you’re not aware of the conflicts that have risen up within you because these interferences that have been placed upon you by others, all below your conscious level.

Or, you may not have considered any of this at all.

And, you continue in life struggling to understand the many conflicts that rise up each day and you pretend to know the reasons why but, these conflicts continue because you do not have the true answers to these conflicts. You continue to be confused but not aware enough to investigate as to the reason why you are confused and maybe suffering.

I would like you to give consideration to the fact that you have simply accepted as fact or true the messages given to you over time. You weren’t old enough in thought to challenge these messages or, more likely, you were not aware of these messages or the effect they have had on your behavior. Is this what is referred to as faith, the blind acceptance of a doctrine or ideal not fully understood?

You’ve been going along in life feeling a bit distressed but have given no thought as to why. Or, perhaps you have given a false answer to a conflict because you simply do not have the true reason for the conflict. You struggle to find an answer to your conflict but, because you have accepted these messages as true, you have no bases for challenging the reason for your conflicts.

A time must come for you to challenge what you have accepted as true! Remove the confusion in your life so that you may see a clear future for yourself on the horizon.

When that time comes for you, you will give thought to hose subliminal messages and challenge their truthfulness for you, today. When you challenge those messages, using the standards for yourself today, the meaning of those messages will have a different effect for you. You will decide which messages to discard and which to keep.

When you decide to change your behavior and, change your thinking processes, only then will you allow yourself to look at your future with an increased desire to empower yourself with positive self-actualization. You will then experience the freedom from the constraints of those subliminal messages and move forward in your life, positively and courageously.

You must summon the courage from within you to challenge these messages, see them in today’s light, decide what to keep and what not to keep. You will free yourself to be the person you wish to be and make the decisions for you consciously and positively then, you will have empowered yourself with the power and courage to be whom you want to be!

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