Does it not seem logical that before we join with another, as we flow towards our destiny, we must first learn to understand and trust ourselves?


But first, preparation is needed to make clear our murky waters.


We must crystallize our vision so we will clearly see the obstacles in our way towards our destiny. We must persuasively navigate around those obstacles with confidence and clarity of mind and spirit to reach our objective our, destiny.


We must learn to trust ourselves with the confidence our creator has given us to navigate towards our destiny.


We will accomplish our objective by liberating ourselves from false realities and the restrictions placed before us by past injustices.


We must examine those injustices and false understandings bringing forward those ideas of so long ago and apply them to today’s standards and thought and today’s realities.


In doing so, we will see clearly the meaning of those ideas as they apply to our objective, today.


Is it not about the choices we make?


The choices that we are making for ourselves today may be tempered by old and misguided ideas of a time long ago; the reality of which has no meaning today.


(Do we choose to use candles to light our way today or do we choose to use electricity to light a bulb that will give us light to guide us on our path?)


Our choices today must be clear and precise so that we will navigate towards our destiny with purpose and confidence while influencing mankind.


Liberating ourselves from old ideas and thoughts is necessary to make the optimal choice for ourselves today.


{I feel a responsibility towards mankind to have the confidence and persuasiveness in me to make the optimal choice for myself as I flow towards my destiny.}


Like a mighty river; humans have an origin and a destiny.


As the river flows, unencumbered towards its destiny, so shall man acquire the seemingly simple teachings of the river in combating obstacles before it.


Flowing towards its destiny, to the observer, the mighty river will teach mankind the wisdom of navigating obstacles with its destiny as the objective.


Have we not traveled towards our destiny without having been visited by conflicting currents and outside interferences and attempted contamination of our current as we flow towards our destiny?


Has our navigation towards our destiny not been interrupted by obstacles placed before us by well-meaning others? Have we yet to navigate around those obstacles placed before us?


How clear is your life and destiny to others when you choose to allow interference in your current flow towards your destiny by old and misguided false ideas?


Choose clarity and preciseness to navigate towards your destiny, only then can you allow another to share your current flow.


Be not controlled nor swayed by the dreams of others’; theirs is not yours!


Your victory is your destiny!



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